Thursday, May 18, 2006

New KFXM DJs Have Faces

In March 1962 K/MEN presnted a challenge to #1 KFXM. Listeners were changing the dial to 1290. One reason was because of the KMEN DJs. They gave their station personality, and you could identify them with their pictures on the weekly survey, where KFXM had no pictures, but just names. Ratings for KMEN shot up for KMEN and KFXM was no longer number 1. So KFXM decided to shake things up and bring in a new set of faces. In October of 1963 they actually published pictures of the new DJs. One a week for 5 weeks on the back of their surveys, with a picture and a bio of each. It wasn't until July 1964 where they changed their survey and published weekly pictures.

This was during the period of time that KFXM had their Big Top 40. The aurvey with the big top. I'm not sure what that was all about. But it didn't seem to catch on.

Pictures are Lynn Bryson, Buzz Baxter, Bob Davis, Jerry Brooke and Larry Lujack (same Larry)

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