Sunday, May 21, 2006

KFXMEN of the Inland Empire

Bill Earl has been throwing some good suggestions my way. (Check out "Boss" Cool Stuff at for info on other "Boss"radio stations. He has created the little logo I'm using for my "picture", a combo of KFXM tiger "Jocko" and K/MEN "Bernie" (is that right, or did I get his name wrong??) so this would be Tiger/Men or KFXMEN????? or KFX/MEN ? or KF X-MEN? Well that's my picture for right now.


BiLL Earl said...

Hey Doug...his name is "Bernard."

JohnBerdoo said...

25682Doug, I was admonished by Bill Earl that indeed the K/men mascot was named "Bernard." Bernard was the logo/masco from K/men's sister station KPOI in Hawaii according to Danny Dare who lives in Hawaii now. I recreated the Benard mascot in a new illustration in better color and more three dimensional it's on my FB wall. John Bunnell