Wednesday, May 31, 2006

KFXM Top 30 Survey...Reborn, but Back to Basics

The new lineup on KFXM July 4, 1969 was Doug Collins 6-9am, Jonny Bruce 9-Noon, Don McCoy 12-3pm, Danny Dare 3-7pm, Bob B. Blue 7-midnight, Gary Evans Midnight- 6am. Also Dave McKay and Marvin Bradley (probably weekends)
This survey was a throwback to the 1964-1965 smaller two page edition.
But the survey was back. There is even a mention of the last Tiger Mag, earthquake edition, as an excuse for Ed GRrrrrr being away so he would not fall into the sea.
The first two returning surveys are presented here. The second brings back DJ pictures (The Jones Boys are gone, but at least two of them came back in their true identities) and the color Orange. I was happy at the time when the surveys returned, but I was hoping the Tiger Mag would return, but it never did.


BiLL Earl said...

GREAT STUFF, Doug! Thank you...BUT ONE LOOSE END...can you display the LAST KFXM folder and/or tiger mag that featured DJ PIX right BEFORE the Jones Boys? That way we can compare the pics of BEFORE...and AFTER...see WHO LEFT...and WHO came back! That's the only missing link from this last display of yours!

BiLL Earl said...

Hmmmm...I seem to recall DON MCCOY jocking a 3-7pm I right? if so, was it BEFORE or AFTER the Jones Boys?