Wednesday, May 24, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag

The week of June 19-25, 1965 KFXM expanded their Top 40 to a four page newsletter. You see here the second issue Vol 1 Number 1 dated June 25, 1965. (Unfortunately I don't have Number 1)
The first two issues were on orange paper. After that it was white paper with orange highlights. KFXM also published the small survey at the same time until at least March 1966, so you could get a copy of each. The Tiger Mag was published weekly through March 1969.
Since the first mention of Tiger Radio on the surveys in July 1964, there was a big change in the jock lineup. The only holdovers from a year before were Jim Conniff and Barry Boyd. The new guys are Don Elliot, Al Anthony, Gene Gleeson and Ron "Buddy" Budnik.
Articles inside include a story on the Torquays, Jan & Dean, Ed GRrrrrr Sez... a local radio news column. Click on the pictures and read the articles!


Anonymous said...

Interesting how advanced KMEN and KFXM were in terms of creating both stationality and a community for their core listeners. I'm sure it wasn't cheap to print offset back in the day, very impressive.
Sure beats the typical one sheet on chintzy stock that stations ended up using in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

i never knew the original title of the beatles "you're going to lose that girl" was simply "LOSE THAT GIRL"...i wonder why they didn't keep it that way...thank you for displaying that tiger beat

BiLL Earl said...

dear doug

i recall in early 1969, the KFXM tiger mags featured NO pics of the Jones Boys.

My request: please display the FIRST KFXM tiger mag or folder in which DJ pics WERE RETURNED, probably sometime in early 1969

i have no idea what lineup that would be, but it would be interesting to see just WHAT LINEUP was pictured after the jones boy run ended

BiLL :)

Anonymous said...