Thursday, June 08, 2006

By request---K/MEN KFXM DJs

Requested info about DJs KFXM: Denis Robins March 1973 Don McCoy 3-7 time slot October 1969
Fred Finally got his picture published May 1967.


Gabe. S. said...

Hi Doug...Two questions. 1.When Don McCoy jocked 3-7pm at KFXM as pictured WHO were the OTHER guys in that lineup? 2. I saw a KMEN
folder with Bobby West on it, and unlike the otherguys, Bobby looked like a SENIOR CITIZEN...balding...well over 50 yrs old. Later I saw ANOTHER picture above the name "Bobby West" with a young man w/ sunglasses. My question...Which one is Bobby West, and WHO is the OTHER "Bobby West"? My guess is that the young man was West but if that is the case, then JUST WHO is the OLDER GENTLEMAN? Station owner? Someone's father? Any speculation from you, Doug?

Gabe S. said...

PS...the KMEN folder that had the older gentleman pictured as "Bobby West" was sometime in 1966...You might not have that folder, so you might not know what I'm talking about. But if you look back in your folder stack, you just might see the OLDER GENTLEMAN that is clearly labeled as "Bobby West." If the elderly gent is NOT the real "West" then WHO is he?

Gabe S. said... last request, doug...on bill earl's blogsite a few months ago he displayed a photo of Russ O'Hara from KMEN on a page with clues from an ongoing contest called "Magical Mystery Tour"...I'm assuming that was in early 1968. Did KMEN have any other PICS of their jocks on a Magical Mystery Tour page like the one of Russ? Or was Russ the only one? IF, by chance, there were others, COULD YOU display them. The ones I'd like to see would be Robert Walker, Dave McCormick, Phil Otis...IF they too had a "page" like the one of Russ that Bill displayed, with their picture and a "clue". Keep up the good blog, Doug...Betwen you and Bill I'm seeing totally rad stuff!

BiLL Earl said...


BiLL :)

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

I remember that "Bobby West" old man picture. I think it was a joke, but don't know the details. You would probably have to find someone who was at the station at the time for who that really was. Id I can find it I'll publish each picture.
The KFXM lineup with Don McCoy. Doug Collins, Jonny Bruce, Charlie Walters, Don McCoy, Bob B. Blue and Gary Evans. Danny Dare was gone.

Polly I. (Pomona, Calif) said...

good morning, doug..first time questioner:
let me set up my question..

in early 1967 the kmen dj schedule was 6-9 was williams, 9-noon was kiml, 12-3 was christensen, 3-6 was lord, 6-9 was ravencroft, 9-1mid was darin, mid-6 was west...i also know that in july 1967 the dj schedule was 6-9 was walker, 9-noon was kiml, noon-3 was darin, 3-6 was mccormick, 6-9 was jordan, 9-mid was west, mid -6 was christian

can you put these names in the order of WHO came first

and looking at it the OTHER way, can you put these names in the order of WHO left first

THAT is my question..i hope i asked it clear enough...i'm sure that 4 guys didn't leave ALL AT ONCE, and then the next day FOUR NEW GUYS they probably left one by one, i'd like to know the order of who left first, who came first etc etc

i can watch for your answer here in your comments section or somewhere on your blog, if that is ok

thank you
Polly I.
Pomona Calif

Polly I. said...

hello doug...another question similar to my last one

in summer 1967 kmens djs were 6-9 walker, 9-noon was kiml, noon-3 was darin, 3-6 was mccormick, 6-9 was jordan, 9-mid was west, mid-6 was christian

in early 1968, kmen djs were 6-9 walker, 9-noon was ford, noon-3 was o'hara, 3-6 was mccormick, 6-9 was jordan, 9-mid was Edwards, mid-6 was Otis

MY question, what was the order in these fellas leaving?

who left first, second..etc


OR this way..who came first, second etc.
i'm sure all 4guys didnt leave at once, replaced by four new guys..
anyways tat's my question like the last one
Polly I.
Pomona Calif

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Polly I
Some of the departures and arrivals of the KMEN during those time periods I think I know, but let me go through my KMEN stuff and I'll let you know what I come up with on what order they occured on Happening Radio!