Sunday, June 25, 2006

KFXM Early 70's

Corresponding KFXM DJs to the last posting (on KMEN) December 1970 until June 1972. December 25, 1970 The Top 100 of 1970. George Harrison My Sweet Lord #1 for the year. KFXM lineup Doug Collins, Chuck Clifford, Chris Roberts, Don Mann, Bob B. Blue and Bob Brooks.
July of 1971 Doug Collins, Chris Roberts, Thom Devine, Bob B. Blue, Johnny Kaye. Al Brooks was weekends. The new guy Ed O'Brien. Only picture I've found of Al Brooks is below in the group shot.

Al Brooks in picture with contest winners.
December 1971 Top 100 of the year #1 Joy To The World Three Dog Night. Doug Collins, Chris Roberts, Bruce Chandler (moving over from K/MEN) Johnny Kaye, Thom Devine and Vic Moreno.

June 1972 only change is the addition of Ron Christian. A few years earlier was on KMEN and in the early 1960s was on KFXM for awhile. There was no picture published then, but this picture if Ron is probably from that time, about 10 years before this.

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