Tuesday, June 20, 2006

K/MEN The Last Picture Show

1971 was the last year KMEN printed their K/mentertainer on a regular basis. The first two are the last two issues that they featured the jock lineup in the newspaper form, which was very abbreviated form of the newspaper they published in the 1960s. December 19, 1970 the lineup was Jim Quinn, Dave McCormick, Mark Ford (both since 1967)
Johnny Helm (formerly from KFXM), Bruce Chandler and Joe Angel.
February 26, 1971 The last newspaper (That I have. Anyone have a later one in 1971?), and it featured the lineup.

2/26/71 Dave Sebastion in cartton form (whom I assume was taking over for Jim Quinn-whose picture is still featured next to the survey. Mark Ford, Bruce Chandler, Scott Segraves, Joe Angel and Bob Brooks
June 22, 1971 appears to be the next survey to be published. No longer on newsprint. The following is Dec 10-16, 1971. The very last survey that featured formal picures of the jock lineup.

12/10-16/1971 J Monty Lang/Mark Ford/Buddy Scott/Dusty Morgan/Bill McKinney/Gene Lane

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