Monday, June 19, 2006

K/MEN Events 1962

A request:
How about a feature about the the "events" by each station? I think KMEN had more. There were a couple of treasure hunts in the mid 60's, there was the sleeplessness marathon at a car stereo store in Riverside, there were a couple (?) of "Walk Back and Forths? John from Fontana (back then)
In K/MEN's first year (1962), they had quite a few events. I don't know much about 1962 events (that was before I listened on a regular basis, so I don't much about them). If someone can give me details, it would be appreciated. 1962: The Ocelot Race/The Walk Back and Forth between San Bernardino and Riverside (The 1st of three?)/Watermelon Eating Contest/1st Annual K/MEN Car Stuff/$1,000 Treasure Hunt/Build A Thing

The K/mentertainer didn't give much information. You had to listen!
more coming

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Brian Lord said...

It wasn't an ocelot race it was an Ostrich race. There were two walk-back & forths not three. pretty vague about a water-mellon eating contest as well. The treasure hunt was for a shoe (sponsored by a shoe store)

Brian Lord, K/men announcer 1962-1966.