Thursday, June 15, 2006

The K/MEN in 1967

During 1967 there were a lot of changes in the K/MEN roster. By request I'll do my best to document these changes. Chuck Christiansen was the first to go in 1967. He was Noon- 3 (notice no one listed above?) Bobby West would move from 9- Midnight and Johnny Darin would go in at Noon. Lenny Mitchell would then be the overnight guy for a short while then be replaced by Ron Christian in the middle of January.

In March Dave McCormick replaced Brian Lord, and Robert E. Walker replaced William F. Williams. By the middle of April John Ravencroft would be gone with T. Michael Jordan coming in.

Bobby Darin left in July and Jason St. James came in for only a couple of months. Fred Kiml was replaced by Mark Ford in September. In October we got Russ O'Hara for Jason St. James. Ron Christian left in November and was replaced by Brad Edwards (a KFXM alumni). And finally in December Bobby West was gone, and replaced by Phil Otis (who later became Bobby Otis) If anyone sees any errors let me know.


BiLL Earl said...

hi doug...super research that i never knew...

quick question:

did lenny mitchell or jason st. james have THEIR PORTRAITS in a Kmentertainer?

if they were, could you run those kmen portraits here?

BiLL Earl said...

hi doug...can i make a request, too?

sometime can you post the LAST KMENTERTAINER that featured DJ lineup portraits.

i think you said that the KMENTERTAINER ended in january 1971, right?

so was the last group of portraits in the LAST issue? or perhaps an earlier issue? Dec 1970? November 1970? earlier?

anyways that's MY request!

i'll be looking forward to seeing that "last" group of portraits, as I have no idea who those guys would have been

thank you doug for such a good site!