Friday, June 16, 2006

KFXM 1967+

Since I covered the KMEN lineup in 1967, I thought I would also cover KFXM. First off, in the last week of 1966, a group picture of KFXM employees on the Tiger Mag cover. Beginning lineup for Jan 1967. Gary Marshall, Al Anthony, Bill Surrey, Brad Edwards, Dick Lyons and Danny Dare. February 1967 Bill Surrey was gone, Al Anthony no longer a regular on the air, but still in management at KFXM. Add Charlie Walters.
May 1967 gone is Brad Edwards (headed to KMEN) and welcome to Johnny Helm. June 1967 weekend guy Craig Denny was added. Not sure about any other weekend only guys, but Denny was the first to get a weekly picture. Not much of a turnerover like KMEN had in 1967.

Lenny Mitchell and Jason St. George, a couple of short timers in 1967. Lenny was probably better known in San Diego radio.

Also included welcome letter from St. George published in the K/Mentertainer.

In the comment section, tell me a couple of your favorite KMEN and /or KFXM DJs.


BiLL Earl said...

more cool research, douglas! and THANK YOU for the lenny and jason pics!

my favorite K-man of the 1967-era: Johnnie Darin


BiLL Earl said...

My KFXM fave TJ (tiger jock)in 1967 was Al Anthony.


Bob Harlow said...

By 1967 KFXM was getting better
and K/men was getting worse . K/men
was awsome 1962-1965. When Watson
left, it started to lose it's magic. KFXM got some better jocks
around 1965-66 and the station was more fun to listen to than K/men
by '67'. My favorite KFXM jocks
in '67 wre Dick Lyons & Charlie Walters.By the middle of '67 all the superstar jocks had left K/men. Huckleberry, Watson,William F.Williams Brian Lord had owned the town! Robert E. Walker in the Morning was no Hukleberry.I would have to say Johnny Darin & Dave Mc Cormick were the best of the new jocks.