Sunday, November 11, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag Nov 10, 1967

Eric Burdon/Animals at The Swing Auditorium
Electric Prunes at The Purple Haze
The Caretakers are listed as being at both concerts.
Also with the Electric Prunes-The YB Blues Band, which I knew a member who sat next to me in my English/Journalism class in High School. Dick Lyons working hard on the job.
Also interesting that in Ed Grrrrrr SEZ column there is a mention of KHJ/Sam Riddle and KCBQ/Barry Boyd
Picture and article about Cher

#1 Please Love Me Forever-Bobby Vinton
Open Letter To My Teenage Son/My Buddy Carl-Victor Lundberg #7 huge jump from #39
Two highest debuts #33 Massachusetts-Bee Gees and #34 Julianne-Music Express (on Rock-It Records-same label as The Good Feelins) Another local hit starting up the charts.
This Town-Nancy Sinatra after her last few songs going up the local charts, this one won't do as well.
Tortobello Road-Ellie Janov. Can somebody tell me what this is?!?!

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