Thursday, November 22, 2007

K/mentertainer November 18, 1967

Buffalo Springfield after their concert, pictures and article

Elvis Presley still very active making movies in 1967. Clambake.
#1 Please Love Me Forever-Bobby Vinton
Debut on the top 30 at #8 Open Letter To My Teenage Son-Arthur Lunberg Were there a lot of kids buying this. or were their parents buying it for their kids?
Hit Bound I Can See For Miles-The Who. My favorite at this time. What CSI city can use this for a theme song?
New Box Tops-Neon Rainbow I think I was one of the few people that liked this song.
New song by the Dave Clark Five-Red and Blue. I know I've heard this song before, but I don't really remember it. It's also under the Most Requested. It didn't go anywhere.
Hey look! Also Most Requested. Ten Little Indians-Yardbirds!


Bill Earl said...

"Neon Rainbow" was MY favorite Box Tops song. They had grown up since "The Letter."

Anonymous said...

Count me in as a lover of
NEON RAINBOW by The Letter guys.

Yeas, you point out that 10 LITTLE
INDIANS is on the chart. Please,
no reminders for this song.
It was painful then and the hurts
continue. Worst song ever by
the YBirds.

Anonymous said...

I love Neon Rainbow too ! Jonny Bruce