Sunday, November 04, 2007

K/mentertainer November 4, 1967

K/mentertainer November 4, 1967 They're back! Pictures of the K/MEN and The Brad Edwards Story

#1 Your Precious Love-Marvin & Tammi knocking Music Box out of the top spot.
You Better Sit Down Kids-Cher The highest debut onthe top 30 at #10 Hit Bounds---I like She's My Girl-The Turtles and In And Out Of Love-Diana Ross & The Supremes


Anonymous said...

Brad Edwards is still doing his thing with a morning drive talk show on Knight Broadcasting's 1440 Santa Maria similcast on Lompoc 1410. Jonny Bruce

Bill Earl said...

My question to Doug or Jonny,

On 1440/1410 is going by the name "Claude Hooten" NOT BRAD EDWARDS. In fact on the station website there is no mention at all of the name BRAD EDWARDS. I realize that Claude Hooten is his real name, but the name BRAD EDWARDS has a legendary reputation to it as he played KGBS, XEPRS, and KDAY in L.A. "The Big Room"...
why would he act like the name "Brad Edwwrds" never existed???

Anonymous said...

I talked to Brad a few years ago via e-mails. He never gave a reason for using his real name these days rather than the legendary Brad Edwards. Jonny Bruce