Saturday, March 15, 2008

Harley answers some questions

There were questions about the new K/MEN129. Harley Davidson has some answers as follow:

Here are a few of the comments:
I listened this morning.Not sure about this format.Internet radio stations arecreated on a niche. Narrowcastingif you will.This format is even worse thana broadcast station trying toplease everyone.Oldie oldies to rap.Don't think so!!Regroup and come up with a uniquesound.The spectrum of music is toobroad.
Okay, I'm not even sure about this format. Wait, what format? I really haven't had time to finish it. It's just a bunch of songs. It will get better. As for rap and oldies not working, tell that to Jesse Duran at KGGI or Art Laboe. Both get amazing ratings doing just that.
So it's more of a 70sformat. So be it.But I do like Harley jockingthe music. He's very good.
Yeah, there are a lot of 70s titles in there. Thank you for the kind words. I hadn't been on the air in quite a while and was a bit rusty. Anyway, thanks.
KFXM.COM versus KMEN129.COM - It's not "Gentlement, start your engines" it's "Gentlemen, flip your bits"
KFX--Who? Oh, this isnt' a battle. Both stations are vastly different. At least there will be a bigger difference as I go along. KFXM.COM is very old sounding and more of a reflection of what KFXM was(they even have a former KFXMer working there). KMEN will be younger and faster paced. I'm amped up on coffee most of the time, so the station will reflect that.
Davidson needs to get any surviving KMEN air talents to cut promos for this internet channel that can be played throughout the day. Also, it would be a good idea if THIS site can be used to cross-promote Davidson's other words, Davidson handles the audio, and Doug can deal with the image displays.
I love that one. Great idea and bad idea. The surviving KMEN are all pretty old(see comment above)and have their own ideas of what KMEN should be. I said this on the air yesterday. I can't recreate 1962! I didn't even try in the 90's. Okay, maybe I tried a little. The impression I got from the original staff in 1997 was they didn't much care for KMEN in 1997. Ron Jacobs didn't understand why we were "AM 1290" and not "129". Apparently he didn't own a digital radio back then. It's "129" now because it's online and can be whatever I want. "129" doesn't mean anything. That's why I'm using "Really Radio" on some of the imaging. They used that in 1962 and I think it's brilliant because it doesn't say a thing about what the station is.If the original K/men want to record something that would be great. I'm uncomfortable asking and really don't know what I'd have them say. As for Doug's website promoting KMEN, he's done an amazing job of doing just that. So did Bill Earl. Both have offered their images from KMEN's past for me to use on the website and I will.
Listening to the station, itneeds quality control onthe sound.It sounds muddy. Sounds worsethan an AM station.Sounds like audio rangegoes from 50 Hz to maybe3KHz. at best. Tweek it up becauseit is annoying to be missingthe upper end of frequencyresponse.Thanks
I'm painfully aware of the quality. See my earlier post for more on this. I'm working on it.Thanks for listening.

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