Saturday, March 29, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag March 29, 1968

April Fools Day cover Picdture of the Merry-Go-Round
Editorial from Pacific High School paper

ED GRrrrrr Sez
from the article, looks like there's a change in the line up. There's a mention of Don McCoy, Jimmy Mack and Jim Crane.
Pictures of The American Breed and The Lollipop Shoppe
I know it says March 22, but it is the March 29th issue
#1 Honey-Bobby Goldsboro
Highest debut Anything-Eric Burdon & The Animals #32
Still hanging on at #40 Unwind-Ray Stevens
Personal Picks
Aint No Way-Aretha Franklin
Jumbo-Bee Gees
Suddenly You LoveMe-Tremeloes
All three of these deserved to be bigger hits than they were (you guessed, I liked all three)


Bill Earl said...

I wonder why Gary Marshall, Danny Dare, and Johnny Helm would all drop off the lineup at the same time? I know that Danny Dare would come back as a "Jones Boy" (Davy Jones)...Helm went to KMEN...Marshall went to KEZY, I think...He ended up at KRLA in 1969. Jim Crane was really Jim Conniff. I wonder WHY he changed his name from Conniff to Crane?

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

This would be a good question to ask Johnny Helm. What happened?

Johnny Helm said...

Guys, it was all a big April fools joke. I didn't go over to K/MEN until May 1st. There were no changes in the jock line up 'til then.

Anonymous said...

Jim Conniff had an on-going tiff
with his famous father.
Didn't want to be asked "are
you related to Ray Conniff"?
Later on he would be Jim Conniff
on the air. I wonder if
they've made up by now.
Is Ray still alive.
He had some great music on
Columbia. One of my favorites
is from 64 called INVISIBLE TEARS.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Helm, was there ever the chance of getting a better shift at KFXM...or was that a place where one never moved up from the all-night shift?

I don't recall KFXM ever promoting an all-night jock to an earlier shift...

Johnny Helm said...

Both Danny Dare and Charlie Walters worked the all night shift prior to moving up. If I would have stayed at KFXM I would have moved up when someone else left the station.

Anonymous said...

However, Johnny, had you stayed, you would have been involved in the "Great Strike" at KFXM...when the jocks wanted AFTRA to represent them.

They all "walked"...this had to be late '68 into early '69...

The "Jones Boys" were brought in as strike breakers...not to use any names on the air except for the last name of Jones.

To make a long sad story won the battle, no union was brought in, and a 'time clock' to punch in and out was put on the wall near the back entrance of the Holiday Inn studios...

Anonymous said...

I know