Sunday, March 09, 2008

KFXM and K/MEN 45 Years Ago March 8, 1963

#1 on KFXM End Of The World-Skeeter Davis, on K/men it's highest debut in the top ten at #3 #2 on both surveys Don't Mention My Name-Shepherd Sisters, a song most people aren't famliar with. I had not heard it until a couple years ago.

Higest debut on the KFXM 40 --- C.C. Cinder-Sunsets at #26

"Wax To Watch"
Oh My Darlin'-Glen Campbell, I've never heard it.
How about Doin' The Bird-Rivingtons? Is this what the Trashmen used with Papa O0m Mow Mow to come up with Surfin' Bird?

New back cover for the K/mentertainer
Wild Weekend-Rebels #1 again.
New on the Honorable K/mention, a couple big hits in the weeks to come.
Surfin' USA-Beach Boys
On Broadway-Drifters
A mention of K/men being one year old

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