Friday, March 07, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag March 8, 1968

The cover of the Tiger Mag featured the National Orange Show with it's headliner Jack Benny
One of my favorites Grassroots article

#1 I Love You-People Moving up to #4 Summertime Blues-Blue Cheer, the remake of the Eddie Cochran hit.
The Knack have a new single in the top 40 Freedon Now/Lady In The Window
New at #40-Listen Listen-The Merry-Go-Round, sounded like it was inspired by the Beatles song Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Clubs Band
Personal Picks
Oh no! it's Honey-Bobby Goldsboro. I've liked some of his songs, but was the world ready for this? I guess so. It'll be a big hit.
First time around for Nights In White Satin-Moody Blues

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