Sunday, March 30, 2008

K/mentertainer March 30, 1962

On this date in 1962 K/men printed their first survey. It featured pictures of the K/men on the cover. An ad on the back page.

Chuck Clemens "Huckleberry" in the morning to George Babcock at midnight. Rather than the top 40, tThe inside would include the K/men-dous ten, plus the Honorable K/mention, which would be a lot more than 40 songs.
It's a probabiity they had a top ten playlist before this since they were on the air a couple weeks before the date on this K/mentertainer. Anyone ever seen one. The earliest songsheard on K/men were on 3/10
Thestyle of survey will last almst until the end of 1966.
#1 Johnny Angel-Shelly Fabares. Elvis Presley #2, and Clyde McPhatter #3
The newest song debuted 3/20 Bobby Lewis-A Man's Gotta Be A Man


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see how many
have the debut date of 3/10.
That's the whole top 10.

Bryan Hyland on the list.
Always been a favorite of mine.
Today, not many recall this song.
Slow but with a haunting melody
that sits engraved in my brain.

And all this 46 years ago?
Now that's hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

GINNY COME LATELY is, as you describe a haunting song that one just won't forget. I was fortunate to be on an "Oldies Cruise" in the Caribbean a couple of years ago with Bobby Vee, Brian Hyland, Dotie Stevens, Ray Peterson (just before he died), Chris Montez and the original Crickets. I spoke to Brian about GINNY COME LATELY and saying it was a favorite of mine. He told me he got few requests for it anymore, but that it was a decent sized hit in England and Europe. By the way, Brian still performs regularly at Branson, Missouri in the Dick Clark Theatre along with Bobby Vee, Fabian, The Chiffons and others.

Lexington, KY
(a former K/Men listener from 1962-65 while living in Riverside)

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

I had not heard the song Ginny Come Lately, until I bought the Brian Hyland greatest hits CD. After hearing it I really liked the song. I eventually found a 45 of the song.
I agree with the comments. It's a good song, and should have been a big hit.

Bob Harlow said...

"Ginny Come Latley" was the first song I heard on K/MEN the evening of 3/10/62.Brian Lord was the jock on the air at the time.

Anonymous said...

Super hit, but don't remember KFXM.
I do remember KRLA, KFWB, KWIZ, after all 46 years ago. The Holobalou Show, Dick Clark show.
How about the Cinammon Cinder, or the Pike in Long Beach. Civic Center in Pasadena Friday nights.
I've benn living in Europe since 1966 so these are my childhood memories.