Sunday, March 16, 2008

K/mentertainer March 16, 1968

For the first time since the K/mentertainer shrunk in size, it is a larger size, in this Special Edition. I guess the size makes it a Special Ediion. Below is the top and bottom of the front page. (about the same size as the 1965 editions)
Below the top and bottom of the back page,
#1 I Love You-People
Notice #9 Monkees Valleri still listed as the B side
Hitbound Jackie DeShannon Me About You. I've heard the Lovin' Spoonful version and The Turtles version, but not Jackie's.
Hey-- Everlasting Love-Love Affair has returned as a hitbound again.


Anonymous said...

an Evarlasting undeciciveness
in the IE. Oh well, it was
great to have it around and
know it will last forever for
us fans who love it.
Always will.

Anonymous said...

2 of my alltime favs are
Jennifer is on the chart twice.
Donovan and the Hollies.
Both are great great to hear
again and again.

Did we ever know who Jennifer
Juniper or Jeniffer Eccles were?
Is it like the Neil Diamond
story on "sweet caroline".
He denied there was ever a caroline
for the song. He has admitted
lately that it's Caroline Kennedy.
True or is he making it up.