Monday, March 24, 2008

K/mentertainer March 23, 1968

Lot of things going on this issue. Bonnie & Clyde craze still popular. Bonnie & Clyde contest winners
Magical Mystery Tour contest headed your way.
Russ O'Hara & The Honey LTD

Interesting selection of Heavy Albums
With so many comments about the Love Affair-Everlasting Love (#21 this week). How about some controversry?

I Love You-People #1
Honey-Bobby Goldsboro not quite at the top yet (#6 debut)

Hit Bound Sounds
You've Got To Be Love-Montanas. I had heard this is one of Johnny Helm's (over at KFXM) favorites
Master Jack-Four Jacks & A Jill interesting song. I've run across a number of people, who really like that song.
There are also two songs (marked with a black diamond) that appear to be album tracks (soon to be singles) listed Do You Know the Way To San Jose?-Dionne Warwick and I Wanna Live-Glen Campbell


Anonymous said...

Interesting to read the Love
Affair group's history on the
I believe it. They were a one-hit
wonder and never had anything in
the US that was played.

In any case, it was a great
great production and it just
rocks from beginning to end.
No dull spots.
Reminds me of the Disco area.
That was a time of "The producer".
He made the song and not really
the artist. It was the production
that counted in disco days.
Loved that era also.

Johnny Helm said...

Correcto Doug! Montana's You've Got To Be Loved", my favorite "stiff" of all time!