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1971 lineup on KFXM

Some answers to the KFXM lineup questions in 1971

Anonymous said...
Did Jonny Kaye do weekends till mid 1971? I remember Bob E Blue evenings in the Summer of 71. Then Jonny took over that.

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...
On the 10/23/71 Tiger Survey, Bob B. Blue disappeaed and Jonny Kaye was listed as evenings

Anonymous said...
Jonny Kaye replaced Bob B. Blue evenings Who replaced JK weekends on 10/71? Bruce Chandler replaced who (other than the "no show" guy). Who did BC replace on 10/71? Rather shaky end of 71

Anonymous said...
Bob B Blue had been around since the infamous JONES BOY Sera that started late October 1968. Forgot what JONES name he was. So that means he was there for 3 years, to the month.

According to the lineup on the surveys
January 1, 1971
6-9 Doug Colllins
9-Noon Chuck Clifford
12-3 Chris Roberts
3-7 Don Mann
7-Midnight Bob B. Blue
Mid-6 Bob Brooks
January 15, 1971
Midnight -6 Jonny Kaye replacing Bob Brooks
February 19, 1971
Al Adams mentioned as a Big 59 Jock, but no picture or other info except birthday of 3/27
April 9, 1971
6-9 Doug Colllins
9-12 Chuck Clifford
12-3 Chris Roberts
3-7 Thom Devine (replacing Don Mann with a picture of both shaing hands!)
7- Midnight Bob B. Blue
Mid-6 Johnny Kaye
May 21, 1971
6-10 Doug Colllins
10-2 Chris Roberts
2-6 Thom Devine
6-Midnight Bob B. Blue
Mid-6 Jonny Kaye
Weekends Al Brooks
July 30, 1971
No time slots listed, but a a picture of Ed O'Brien replaced Al Brooks, with a comment inside that stated that Thom is now on 12-3pm and Ed is on 3-7pm
August 17 (20), 1971
Chris Roberts mentioned as being on 9-Noon
August 27, 1971
Al Brooks listed as Weekends, Ed O'Brien's picture is gone.
October 22, 1971
Afternoons Bruce Chandler
Bob B. Blue is gone
Jonny Kaye is now Evenings
All Night Long-Thom Devine
December 17, 1971
Weekends-Vic Moreno
Al Brooks is gone.
This lineup stayed the same until June 9, 1972, when Thom Devine left and Ron Christian returned for the All Night Long shift.
Amazing as it seems, this was the lineup through the rest of 1972.

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Anonymous said...

So it looks like Bruc
Chandler replaced Thom
Devine in the
afternoon shift.

Thom was kind of a hippie.
He should have wound up on
progressive FM radio.
Had great ideas on jockeying
songs together. Themes.

By the way, thanks for compiling
all those dates !!