Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KFXM and K/men July 12, 1963

Up from #22 to #1 Lovers-Blendtones
Easier Said Than Done-Essex up to #2
Highest debut When A Boy Falls In love-Mel Carter #21
From Me To You-Beatles up to #7

"Wax To Watch"
Blue Surf-Temptations don't think it's the Motown group
How about Neil Diamond-At Night

Wipeout/Surfer Joe-Surfaris #1
Highest Debut-Baja-Astronauts #4
From Me To You-Beatles up to #9

New this week
not really much except I (Who Have Nothing)-Ben E. King


Anonymous said...

Amazing to see how the Beatles
were in the top 10 this week.
However, I do not recall ever
hearing this song at that time.
I listened for 12 hours a day back
then. I remember every song from
then but NOT THIS ONE. Amazing.
Do not recall that song that time.
I certainly remember it 6 months

Anonymous said...

I bought it in Ontario California
in the Summer of '63. I heard it on KRLA as well as K/men & KFXM. Also bought "Do You Want To Know A Secret?" by
Billy J. Kramer at the same time.

Bob Harlow