Saturday, July 05, 2008

KFXM and K/men July 5, 1963

#1 Wipeout/Surfer Joe-Surfaris on both KFXM and K/MEN although on K/MEN Surfer Joe is only a Honorable K/mention
The Beatles up to #17 with From Me To You Highest debut Lovers-Blendtones #22
Two big hits debuting
#34 Devil In Disguise-ElvisPresley
#36 Blowing In The Wind-Peter, Paul & Mary
"Wax To Watch"
A song I rediscovered a few years ago. I remember hearing this and liking it in the sixties, but didn't remember it until I found a copy and played it, and I still really llike the song. I Want To Stay Here-Steve & Eydie #48
How about a song by Tim Considine-Take It From Who Knows at #52 Wasn't he one of "My Three Sons"?
Is Keep On Dancing-The Avantis #56 the same song The Gentrys did a couple years later?

Highest debut in the top ten Not Me-Orlons at #6, but for the first time in the The Inland Empire The Beatles in the top 10 at #10 From Me To You
New this week, a good song Till Then-The Classics
Daughter-The Blenders, another one of those songs I forgot and rediscovered when I bought a copy of the single.

K/men advertising the SCAVENGER HUNT on the back of their survey.

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