Sunday, July 06, 2008

KFXM (Not K/mentertainer) July 6, 1962

Usually for 1962 you are taking a look at the first year of the K/mentertainer. Well, I'm missing this week the issue ending the week July 6, 1962, but............I do have the KFXM survey, so let's see what the "Fabulous 59" is doing this week.

#1 Theme From Dr. Kildare-Richard Chamberlain kncking off last week's #1
Wah-Watusi-Orlons down to #4
Highest debut #27 Twist & Shout-Isley Brothers

"Wax To Watch"

KFX-clusive Your Nose Is Gonna Grow-Johnny Crawford

Trying to hit the charts again #47 How Do I Tell My heart-Glen Campbell

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