Thursday, July 31, 2008

K/mentertainer July 27, 1968

More winners... and you know what? I think I knew the guy that identified Jose Feliciano. It was Mike Byrum! I don't even remember him as a winner of the contest in 1968. I'm sure I went to elemetary school with him, and at least through the 8th grade.
Anyone out there go to the K/men Bowlathon in 1968?
#1 Classical Gas-Mason Williams

I like all four new songs on the top 30 this week
Pictures Of Matchstick Men-Status Quo
And Suddenly-Cherry People
Don't Give Up-Petula Clark
Do It Again-Beach Boys

Hit Bound
Sunday Morning Six OClock-Camel Drivers on Buddah Records. Another bubble gum song? Don't know, never heaed it.

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