Thursday, January 28, 2010

KFXM and K/MEN January 25-26, 1972

Introducing KMEN Hitline
Let's Stay Together-Al Green #1
Highest debuts Footstomping Music-Grand Funk #22 and My World-Bee Gees #25 New
Living Without You Manfred Manns Earth Band
Glory Bound-Grassroots
Bang A Gong-T. Rex
Only Kmen on the survey Dusty Morgan

Let's Stay Together-Al Green #1
Highest debut Don't Say You Don't Remember-Beverly Bremers #23
There are a few remakes on this survey. The oldest being Joy-Apollo 100
Do What You Wanna Do-Keith Gravenhorst
Floy Joy-Supremes


Lord Darth Sidious said...

HIT*LINE 1st issue, was the lead player in the infamous
'Fumble Foot Five' basketball team of DJ's sent out to play against the Inland Empire's best faculty atheletes from area schools and colleges...
yessum, "The Duster" really did do quite well on the court along with Gene Lane, Buddy Scott, Frank Thompson and Bill McKinney. however, as a member of the F-5 squad -- like many school principals who got away from behind their desks -- my dribble-bouncing talent was better spent announcing the games (in order to better my team's chances at winning). those academics-turned- players got serious at times about beating a bunch of disk jockies!
but, what a fun time it was entertaining all those students and families with the antics of the K/Men Fumble Foot Five.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

WITH THE ISSUANCE OF THE KMEN HIT*LINE record sleeve, this was a sign of the beginning of the end for radio broadcasting's listener-oriented publications that reached their height in popularity during the 1960's.
with drastically increasing printing and mailing costs, expenditure of personnel time and resources for editorial composition and distribution,
-- along with the gradually increasing consolidation and corporatisation of AM/FM media outlets -- spelled the death knell of many station's legendary poop sheets durings the 1970's and beyond.
some station's tried to continue publishing music surveys for their audience base, but the editorial-content so fun to read in the earlier decade was, quite sadly, a thing of the past.

Mystery Song said...

Tune in on Saturday to
I'm going to have a mystery song contest!! I'll play the record between 12 and 12:30, and see if you can identify it. You can e-mail me at:
Hope you'll listen.
Johnny Helm

Lord Darth Sidious said...

phantasmagorical, John!
great news about "The Helmsman" returning to the airwaves.
when SHOWTIME arrives,
'Count Me In' (Gary Lewis style).