Tuesday, January 19, 2010

KFXM January 19, 1972

Let's Stay Together-Al Green #1
Highest debut Hurting Each Other-Carpenters #27 New
Sing A Song-Allis Chalmers (this was a locally produced record)
Deep Purple Buddy Miles and Uriah Heep January 28th at The Swing

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Lord Darth Sidious said...

geeze, another old blast from the past! Allis Chalmers, now that name takes me back a-ways, involving Chris Roberts, Chuck Clifford and this One... great time and good memories all due to a little known group's first & only charted record single "Sing A Song". and yes, this band was very much a local phenomena, receiving a big push from the inside at KF; and yet, Allis Chalmers was a recording act worthy of more radio exposure and major record industry attention -- notwithstanding our best efforts at trying to make it happen.

thanks a bunch, Monsieur Administrator, for pointing out this little ditty.