Thursday, January 07, 2010

KFXM January 5, 1972

American Pie-Don McLean #1
Highest debut Never Been To Spain-Three Dog Night #28 New
Joy-Apollo 100 (The Ventures also had a version out at this time)
Don't Say You Don't Remember-Beverly Bremers
Were you one of the five people who won a copy of the top 100 for 1971?
KFXM has a new phone number for 1972 82 Five Nine Thousand


Anonymous said...

That Jerry Lee Lewis version of
ME AND BOBBY MCGEE really rocks.
Not a major hit. Maybe not even
a midsize hit but it rocks 2 seconds in
through to the end.

Janis Joplin's is unmatched but this
one is the extreme of hers.
She had a great vocal on it.
JLL rocked my world. That one
groove coulda lasted 12 minutes.

I digress.....

Anonymous said...

I Don't Remember Beverly Bremers song (just kidding...I HAD to say it!!)

Tim said...

Yes! I WAS one of the five people who won the top 100 records of 1971.