Friday, January 22, 2010

KFXM January 20, 1961

Calcutta-Lawrence Welk #1
Highest debut Baby Sittin' Boogie-Buzz Clifford #20 New
Oh What A Night-Tokens
There's A Moon Out Tonight-Capris

New telephone numbers for requests and deications OVerland 43021 and TUrner 89892
Big March of Dimes Show Feb 4th

"The Swinging Seven" changed to "The Section Eights" DJs adding Jack Fleming


Lord Darth Sidious said...

i like that promotional title for the classic roster of successful broadcasters riding the airwaves of KFXM back in 1961... gives kind of a "M.A.S.H."-like tone to those jocks back then.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

ANOTHER FUN-FLUBBER courtesy of the KFXM Music Director:

at #25, "Wings Of A Dove"
by 'FURLINED HUSKY'... right on!

Anonymous said...

Amazed to find GEE BABY made it
up to #2 in Berdoo. Not surprised, though.
One of my all time favorites.
Sad to say, I can't find a trace
of it anywhere in Billboard Top 100
The whole country missed out on
this gem? What a loss.
Teardrop falls at this point.

Anonymous said...

More on GEE BABY.

First I was surprised it never
did anything on a national scale.

Now I found it on YOUTUBE.
Considering the above, that's
a nice suprise.

It's now an MP3 on my files.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

gave the Joe & Ann recording a listen on U-Boob, found it NOT spectacular, but an interesting period piece. audio production sounds like a small-time independent studio recorded the cut. altogether, this obscure release fits in quite nicely with the Low Rider-type preference for Doo-Wop songs of that era...
hey, man, "Whittier Boulevard" is up next, ay-yi-yi!

Lord Darth Sidious said...

BTW: a superb segueway after Joe And Ann's "Gee Baby" would be "Try Me" by James Brown & His Famous Flames (on Federal Records).
TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT! (your local cruising car club will dig the action, man)

Anonymous said...

Re: "Gee Baby"...I just found it in iTunes and it's now available to download for 99cents!

Since it was such a big hit in the I.E., it's a great addition to any music collection of anyone who grew up listening to KFXM in the late 50's, early '60's.

I first started listening to KFXM on Dec. 25th of 1960 and heard this at least once per jock shift for weeks...

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Jack Fleming's Sunday morning "Church Directory of the air?" It was a regular shift with Jack reading off Church times around the I.E.

BTW, Jack hired me as a weekend newscaster at K/men just six years almost to the month after this tunesheet was published! He was the news director of K/men 129 by that time...has a younger brother (Paul) who became a clergyman. Both of the Fleming boys were very very nice people.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 copies on UTube.
One is all bass. The other
is crisper and you can hear
all of the production.

TRY IT, you'll like it.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

if someone was hired on as weeekend newscaster on Radio 1290, must have K.I.T.O., since KMEN did not go on-the-air until March the following year, yes?

as a former KITO staffer, the Anonymous one might be able to share some historic insight into what K.I.T.O. radio was like in those days or even prior. would make for intteresting reading on this blog, fer sure!

Anonymous said...

Quote "Six years AFTER the tunesheet was published" would make it January of 1967!!!

Anonymous said...

I did visit KITO 1290 on an elementary school field trip in the late 50's.

The dee jay played commercials on small reel to reel tapes.

The building was green.

The building was in a cow pasture.

Somehow, I wasn't that interested in radio at the time!!

Lord Darth Sidious said...

{oops, gotta remember to wear my
reading specs else mein eyes tend to miss the 'months' for the 'years'!!!}

RE: to whichever "Anonymous", thanks for the few brief recollections of old Radio K.I.T.O. -- wish more could be posted about this almost-forgotten piece of hometown broadcasting history...

TRIVIA: in my archives is a zerox copy of an electronics manufacturer's magazine of radio engineering goodies; it was from "Herback & Rademan, Inc." (Philadelphia, PA), addressed to
"Radio Station K I T O
GN Johnson
San Bernardin[sic] CA 92403[sic]".

this item came to my attention at KMEN in the early 1970's.
ya never know, huh?

Johnny Helm said...

Hummmm, could that "weekend" newsman at K/MEN be Bruce Chandler? Interesting minds want to know......

Lord Darth Sidious said...

it's good to see you back
on the blog, John; you've
been missed (TOOT, TOOT!).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's me John....see you at the Super Bowl party!! I'll try NOT to set fire to your kitchen...