Wednesday, January 06, 2010

KFXM January 6, 1961

Calcutta-Lawrence Welk #1
Highest debuts Ramona-Blue Diamonds #37
Shop Aound-Miracles #38 New
Two Thousand 88-Freddie Cannon
Girl In The Window-Bobby Hart
Won't Be Long-Aretha Franklin
Ray Charles was at the Municipal Auditorium in San Bernardino New Year's Eve!

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megablogger said...

There are two legitimate expensive records on this chart, both in the wax to watch category - and both classic L.A. doo wops.

I'm On My Way by Bobby Sanders is valued at least at $150 and over...though the flip, "It Was You" is the desirable side. Sanders later produced the Young Hearts and other soul groups and died about a year ago. I did an extensive 2-hour interview with him about 4 years ago and played many of these records.

Forever, Forever by Miles & Andrew (original title: Till the End of Time - changed I suspect because of the earlier Perry Como title) is valued at least $30 in VG and up. Miles was noted L.A. producer Miles Grayson, who's still active.


Happy new year.