Friday, March 19, 2010

KFXM and K/men March 19, 1965

Stop! In The Name Of Love-Supremes #1
Highest debut Come Back Baby-Roddie Joy #8 I have never heard this song. Anybody? New
Reelin' And Rockin'-Dave Clark Five
Silhouettes-Herman's Hermits
Ooh Baby Baby-Miracles

Billy, The Blue Grasshopper-The Spats

What was the K/men A Go Go at the National Orange Show March 12th-23rd? Eight Days A Week/I Don't Want To Spoil The Party-Beatles #1
Highest debut I'm Telling You Now-Freddie & The Dreamers #26
Hige jump to #7 from #31 Shotgun-Jr Walker & The All Stars
Dear Dad-Chuck Berry
People Get Ready-Impressions

Iko Iko-Dixie Cups
The lineup Dave Fransen Jim Huntley Barry Boyd Jim Conniff Gene Gleeson Ron Budnik


Lord Darth Sidious said...

"Iko Iko" by The Dixie Cups remains an all-time fab tune of mine... a comparable version was later recorded for the 1980's movie "Satisfaction" -- both of which are great sing-a-longs.

Anonymous said...

IKO IKO always sounded so lame
and the sound of a garage recording.
Awful acoustics wherever it was done.
Mix doesn't get any points either.
I hated it but do enjoy it as an oldie.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

"Iko, Iko" is a Mardi Gras song in which Indian tribes, dressed in extraordinary costumes, chant this song during a mock battle between the tribes. It has been translated in many ways and leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

BTW: my preferred version is the updated rocking version performed in the 1988 movie "Satisfaction" starring Justine Bateman.

Bill Earl said...

Wasn't it also in RAIN MAN?

Lord Darth Sidious said...

yes, "Iko, Iko" was also recorded by The Belle Stars (courtesy of Stiff Records) for the 1988
movie release RAIN MAN.

Anonymous said...

COME BACK BABY was a so so song
but not bad. I remember it from 45 years ago. Never heard again after it's
cycle on the charts.
Has a few catchy hooks.

You will find it on youtube.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

"BABY COME BACK" was also recorded by The Tempos during the same period as Roddie Joy, however, neither disk charted nationally on The Top 100...
The Temps' version had a completely different arrangement and production by a band (compared to Roddie Joy's vocal group) that makes it sound like a different song altogether.

Bob Harlow said...

"Come Back Baby" did in fact make the Billboard Hot 100,peaking at # 86.
"Iko Iko" and "Come Back Baby" (Rody Joy version) were both on red Bird Records

Lord Darth Sidious said...

THANKS TO BOB HARLOW for info about "Come Back Baby" actually hitting the BILLBOARD Hot 100 (stand me corrected, Sir)...
upon further research, have notised varying references to 'RODDIE JOY' as both a vocal group (perhaps due to a backing trio of female vocalists on some of her recordings) and as a singular songstress -- first known as Rita Coleman from Detroit. Her first 'Northern Soul' records were on Leiber and Stoller's
Red Bird label and then she transferred to
Parkway for three singles - she seems to have dropped out of the business when Cameo / Parkway
went bankrupt.

All of her records were written /produced by Mike
Lewis and Stu Wiener, a New York team who'd
sang in white doowop groups before concentrating
on a back-room role around '64.

Roddie Joy Discography

Red Bird 10-021 - Come Back Baby / Love Hit Me With A Wallop - 1965
Red Bird 10-031 - He's So Easy To Love / The La La Song - 1965
Red Bird 10-037 - If There's Anything Else You Want (Let Me Know) / Stop - 1965

Parkway 101 - Stop / Something Strange Is Going On - 1966
Parkway 134 - Every Breath I Take / Walkin' Back - 1967
Parkway 151 - I Want You Back / Let's Start All Over - 1967
Parkway 991 - Stop / A Boy Is Just A Toy - 1967