Monday, March 15, 2010

William F. Williams Pyramids LP

An album I recently came across in the "Stuff" room was the Pyramids Penetration LP. On the back liner notes from William F. Williams He stated Penetration was number one, but checking the Kmen Top 10, it only got up to #2 in November 1963


Lord Darth Sidious said...

ACTUALLY, Mr. Williams craftily made reference that "... and within three weeks after release, PENETRATION became the one number 'BEST SELLING RECORD IN SAN BERNARDINO'." he cleverly avoided the fact that it never hit numero uno at the KMEN or KF. also, unfortunately we do not have the sales figures available for how many disks The Pyramids really sold (less promotional give-away copies, etc.) locally. it was much the hype-style which Mr. Williams was well-known for in the broadcasting business.
FYI: just check for Ron Jacob's story on the day said Mr. Williams suddenly became "K/Men's program director" sans portfolio. that incident alone speaks volumes about this guy's predilection towards exaggeration.

Johnny Helm said...

At one of the K/MEN reunions William F. told me he used to manage the group. That is probably why he did the liner notes.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

MAY BE QUITE SO, MY DEAR HELMSMAN, that Mr. Williams had SOME connection to The Pyramids surf-rock group at one point.
however, all available facts point to John Hodge as their one and only Manager.

{great to see you blogging here once more, John. this olde fan of yers misses your contributions, but i do try catching your show on the Lancaster online outlet.}