Thursday, March 04, 2010

KFXM March 3, 1961

There's A Moon Out Tonight-Capris #1
Highest debut On The Rebound-Floyd Cramer #30
Also debuting Apache-Jorgmenn Ingmann #37
#3 Don't Worry-Marty Robbins also a version by Smith Bellew being listed New
Baby Blue-Echoes
I Don't Know Why-Clarence "Frongman" Henry
That's A Lie-Billy Larkin (from San Bernardino)
Blue Moon-Marcels
Bumble Boogie-B. Bumble & The Stingers
Did you win lunch with Frankie Avalon?


Anonymous said...

Norman in wax to watch.
Wasn't it a hit in 1962?????

Bob Harlow said...

"Here Comes The Night" By Jimmy Norman Made The top 15 on KFWB & KRLA in April 1961. Never made the Billboard Hot 100.

In 1962 Jimmy made the National chart with "I Don't Love You No More"

megablogger said...

Jimmy now lives in New York City and is a very nice guy indeed. Had great success over the years. Here Comes the Night was one great bluesey 45 that was all over the radio in '61.


Anonymous said...

Bruce Chandler here...hey, Doug...loving the week to week KFXM "Fabulous 59" surveys of 1961. 1961 was the year I fell in absolute LOVE with radio and KFXM especially. I used to have a lot of the tunesheets, but, with all of my moving, I've lost a great many of 'em. THANKS for filling in the blanks and all the great memories. I'll be following all of the 1961 "Fab 59s" throughout the year. I think Chuck Daugherty debuted on the 6-Mid PLATTER PARTY in just a few months from now, replacing Gary Price. I'll keep checking the "Section Eight" DJ section. Also...Bob Griffin came aboard in 1961, too...if my memory serves me correctly.