Sunday, March 28, 2010

KFXM March 27, 1970

Let It Be/You Know My Name-Beatles #1
Highest debut Something's Burning-1st Edition #26 New
Make Me Smile-Chicago
Come Saturday Morning-Sandpipers

Charlie Walters is recovering from an automobile accident


Johnny Helm said...

Sure would like to know what ever happened to Charlie Walters. I remember his wreck, but he returned to the air quite quickly. I think he lived up near Big Bear. Beyond his years at KFXM, I know absolutely nothing. Anyone have a clue? He sure was a nice guy.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

DITTOS, MY DEAR "HELMSMAN"... would also like to know the same. maybe Jonny Bruce can help.

Anonymous said...

He left KFXM to take a gig in Durango Colorado. I last saw him when he was pd at KCIN in Victorville in 1983. In 1986 I noticed he placed an add in Broadcasting magazine. I called the number and his son answered the phone. He told me Charlie was driving an ambulance in San Jose. That is the last I heard. Jonny Bruce

Lord Darth Sidious said...

THANKS FOR THE CHARLIE WALTERS update, Jonny. seems the man found himself a significantly paying occupation at the time, good for him!