Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How about 35 years ago on KFXM & KMEN?

1973 KFXM was back to their maller surveys of the middle sixties (right before the Tiger Mag)
This is the January 19, 1973 issue, but the only time I've ever seen that KFXM printed two weeks of surveys in one issue. #1 You're So Vain-Carly Simon. Actually the top three were the same for both weeks. DJs include Doug Collins, Bruce Chandler, Chris Roberts, Johnny Kaye, Ron Christian (recycled picture from 1960's KMEN) (See http://billearl.blogspotcom/ for his The "RECYCLED DJ PIC" Issue article) and Vic Moreno

Remember the American Motors Gremlin? Looks like Changing Times in The Central city Mall is giving one away in 1973.

The comp;ete KMEN survey (too big for the whole thing on the scanner) Where the top three are exaactly the same as the KFXM survey.
In 1973 these KMEN surveys were not readily available. I picked my copy up from the guy that sold new 45s at the swap meet, the week after he got a new survey. He only got one, which he gave me.
That is probably why no djs, no music news, no pictures.
Somebody tell me who were the KMEN in January 1973

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Thom. H. Magnuson said...

That was not a recycled pic of Ron Christian... We had a trade deal with a photographer in Riverside and all pix were original.. Doug Collins