Saturday, January 12, 2008

Johnny Helm at KFXM Soon!

Remember KFXM May 1967 through March 1968?
That was the time period that Johnny Helm spent at KFXM during the 1960s. He also made an appearance back on KFXM during the middle 1970s.
Starting Sunday January 20th 12 Noon to 4 Johnny will be back at KFXM 96.7 Lancaster, also at
I believe he will also be a guest on Bill Earl's show Saturday Jan 19th 12-4. But you will have to tune in then to find out.
Thanks to Bill Earl for the picture and artwork and Johnny himself, for letting me know.


Anonymous said...

This is sooo coool. I have very happy memories of listening to Johnny when I was going thru normal teen relationship probs, parental hassles and it was like HE was always there to bring me good vibrations on dark mornings when i could not sleep. i am sooo stoked by hearing johnny again. for a moment i can remember when i was 16.

Doug DeRoo said...

Can't wait to hear the 'Helmsman" deliver again!!! He literally taught me how to do the radio! Where's that spare copy of "Sweet Cream Ladies" by the Box Tops!!!