Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 4, 1963 KFXM & KMEN Surveys

The first week of January 1963 --- 45 years ago ---

These were the hits on K/MEN and KFXM
KMEN had their K/MEN-DOUS TEN plus their Honorable K/mention. What is interesting is that they also included the date the song was added. It took the Cascades about 6-7 weeks to reach #1
Also interesting there is a mention of the playing of the top 129 of the year. They had a list, but I've never seen a copy.
KFXM had their Top 40, Pick Hit, Bonus Pick Hit plus Wax To Watch, plus the Spotlight Albums KMEN
#1 Rhythm Of The Rain-Cascades
12/13 added I've Got My Mind Set On You-James Ray. The song wasn't a hit until George Harrison did it in the 1980s. Oldest song on the survey Return To Sender-Elvis Presley
Pictures of DJs on KMEN, but only a list on KFXM

KMEN jocks with long staying power include Hucklebery, William F. Williams and Brian Lord. There is one KMEN jock who came over from KFXM, Gary Price, he was there from 1959 (maybe earlier) until 1961.


#1 Guitar Man-Duane Eddy knocking Rhythm Of The Rain down to #2

Pick Of The Week Hitchhike-Marvin Gaye Future K/MEN jocks on KFXM Mark Denis and Bob Griffin. I also know Lyle Kilgore worked at KMEN in the news department. And I belive, but not sure that Bill Tanner may have done the same.

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Anonymous said...

There are many differences between the K/men & KFXM lists.

On big one is KMEN's fastest Climber is "Time After Time" by jack Clement. KFXM isn't even playing it ..but is playing what must be the flip side "My Voice Is Changing".

Finally heard James Ray's "Got My Mind Set On You"In many was, It's better than George Harrison's re-make.