Sunday, January 06, 2008

KMEN 1960s Year End Surveys

For a comparison to the KFXM Year End surveys, I now present 1969-1963 from KMEN

Number 1-1969 Come Together/Something-The Beatles
Number 1-1968 Love Is Blue-Paul Mauriat. Not Hey Jude-Beatles which was #2
Number 1-1967 The Letter-Box Tops (See earlier published list in January 2008 for list) 1967 was the first year KMEN reduce the survey from 129 to the top 100.

Number 1-1966 Monday Monday-Mamas & Papas

Number 1-1965 Satisfaction-Rolling Stones

Number 1-1964 I Want To Hold Your Hand-Beatles

Top artist of the year: The Beatles, but look Chuck Berry is number 6 in the first year of the British Invasion.
Number 1-1963 Surfin' USA-Beach Boys

K/MEN did not publish a 1962 Year End Top Hits (as far as I Know). If there was one, someone let me know.


Johnny Helm said...

I was reponsible for compiling the 1969 top 100. "Love Is Blue" came out #1 based on local sales,chart position, longitivity on survey, requests, plus national popularity. The next year, we changed the 1969 survey and made "Hey Jude" #1.

Anonymous said...

Correction: I was speaking of the 1968 survey....not 1969, sorry.