Tuesday, January 22, 2008

K/MEN & KFXM 45 Years Ago Surveys

January 18, 1963Walk Right In-Rooftop Singers #1 again this week
New this week Walk Like A Man-Four Seasons
Tommy Boyce (with no Bobby Hart) has a new song Have You Ever Had A Change Of Heart (prediction for future teamup?)
A mention of Hiway hints from Huckleberry at the bottom of the survey.

KFXM #1 Hey Paula-Paul & Paula

Pipeline-Chantays debuts on the 40 #30

New Songs Linda-Jan & Dean and Don't Cry Donna-Tommy Roe. Tommy like to use names of girls in a lot of his songs.

Steve Janowick on KFXM has also been known as Steve Jay and Jay Stevens

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