Friday, January 18, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag Jan 19, 1968

Lemon Pipers making the cover this week. Article about theLemon Pipers
Once again Sherman Mason, this time with Miss Riverside.
Announcement that most record companies are dropping monorual albums (if anyone wondered when this happened)

Picture of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.
I have a question for someone that might have an answer out there. During the first or second season of Who Wants To Be a millionaire, there was a contestant named Bobby Hart, although he never played the game. Was this the same Bobby Hart?

Green Tambourine-Lemon Pipers at #1
Love Is Blue-Paul Mauriat jumping up to #7
Highest debut Mission Impossible-Lalo Shrifin #31
Are instumentals making a comeback?
Personal Picks:
I like Just Dropped In-First Edition, I Wish It Would Rain-Temptations and Thank U Very Much-Scaffold (featuring Paul McCartney's brother-Mike McGear)
There is also a song by Dee Irwin-I Only Get That Feeling who had a hit in 1963 with Swinging On A Star.
Also listing a double sided Personal Pick for The Association-Everything That Touches You/We Love Us

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