Saturday, January 26, 2008

K/mentertainer January 27, 1968

K/MEN-Coachman Custom Car and Hot Rod Show article and some of the bands that played
Bob Hope article by Dave McCormick, plus speculation on Beatle Movies plus

T. Michael Jordon also wrote an article
Also a Disneyland Tomorrowland preview. I don't think any of the attractions are still there.

#27 last week #1 this week Love Is Blue-Paul Mauriat. Will the current #27 October Country-October Country do that? No.

The Young Psychadelic Hippie Flippy Folk and Funky..........(for whole title see Hit Bound) by Barry Mann won't be around very long.
Nights In White Satin-Moody Blues making its first debut as a Hit Bound

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Armando From Colton said...

The "Rocket Jets" are still there although they have been moved to the entrance of Tomorrowland and are now call the "Astro Orbiters". The "Tomorrowland Terrace" is still around hosting rock bands (Don't miss Scot Bruce's "Tribute to Elvis-The Early Years" appearing Feb 1, 2 & 3. He's still the Elvis impersonator I have ever seen).