Thursday, June 05, 2008

Before Radio (at least for me)

A comment from Jonny Bruce about songs he first heard on the radio such as Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes-Perry Como made me start to think.

Before I listened to the radio I did hear and remember hit songs. They were from other sources besides the radio, usually the television. I probably knew more Perry Como songs than anyone else's music. Perry Como was probably my mother's favorite show in the fifties, and she watched it weekly. I knew Don't Let The Star's Get In Your Eyes, Magic Moments, Round and Round and especially Catch A Fallin' Star by heart.

My dad's favorite was Lawrence Welk Show, so I did get to know some of the popular songs of the fifties and early sixties ftom watching Lawrence. I remember Larry Hooper sing 16 Tons. My mother also watched Polka Parade/ I did like the guy who did the songs with the Swedish asscent.

Also I remember the teenage girls next door played their 45s like The Witch Doctor, Purple People Eater and Hound Dog.

My parents also had a small record player and had some 45s and 78s, and of course Bing Crosby's White Christmas album

I also knew Rock Around The Clock. This probably came from television.

I remember hearing The Twist-Chubby Checker (on television) and I knew Beatle songs in the sixties. My cousin had a bunch of Beatle records.

When I was in the Cub Scouts we went on a field trip to KFXM out in the field (1962 or 1963) They gave each of us a 45. It went into a drawer and I didn't even play it.

What is sad is that I don't even remember much about the field trip, just going in and seeing the secretary at her desk. We probably met the dj and toured the station. I still had no interest in radio.

What would be nice if one of these days, the memory of that day would come back, but I'm not counting on it.

With all this exposure...why did it take me so long to discover the radio? Even the little red transistor radio my parents bought me in the early sixties didn't seem to help.

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