Wednesday, June 04, 2008

For The Very First Time

There is a music website that had an interesting question about the first record/music you bought with the posting on May 28th

How about what was the first song you remember hearing on the radio as a regular listener?

As I mentioned before I started listening to the radio on a regular basis in 1966.

I don't remember the first song I heard on KFXM or K/MEN in 1966, but I do remember that in 1962 when I had the chicken pocks, all I was allowed to do was stay in bed and listen to a little red transistor radio.

The only song I actually remember hearing was Return To Sender-Elvis Presley. Why that song stuck with me, I don't know, and why it took 4 more years to get back to the radio I also don't know.

I also remember hearing That's All She Wrote-Rick Nelson (flip of For You), and that came out in 1963 (the two songs do have a similar theme). That one I don't know why I was listening to the radio, but I do remember hearing it.

But of course, I do remember the first music I bought.

I've mentioned this before, but here I go again with an expanded answer.

First single Batman-Marketts (39 cents jukebox 45) at Lyles Record City

First current single I'm A Believer-Monkees and Snoopy Vs The Red Baron-Royal Guardsmen at White Front 59 cents each

First album The Swallows Sing The Beatles and others cheapie rack 1.79 (Lyles Record City)

First new album More Of The Monkees (Lyles) (on sale for 2.98 and Lyles didn't have many sales)

First Cd Buddy Holly From The Original Master Tapes (probably 12.99) I bought this before I even had a CD player. So at least when I bought a CD player, I knew I would have something to play on it.

Comments and contributions welcome!


Anonymous said...

My 2 cents:

First song I remember was
BORN TOO LATE by the Poni
Tails. It lit up the
start of my Summer of 58.
After that, I played catchup
to the oldies that came before.
I remember that Summer listening
to KFXM and the great music me
and other kids liked. I was only

First song I "bought" was
Shirelles. I somehow managed
to "borrow" 45s from friends
and parties. Never gave em
back. I figured I needed them
more than they did. Holding them
was a magic I felt. Kid logic.
They are still in my 45 library.

Hope others have their stories
on "first" songs.

Anonymous said...

The first song I bought was "Beep,Beep" by the Playmates. The first songs I remember hearing on the radio were out around 1952 or so, "Don't let the Stars get in your eyes"-Perry Como, "Delicado"-Percy Faith, "Somewhere along the way"-Nat King Cole. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

My first records were the original Chipmunk albums when I was about age 10 (1961?). I have a vague memory of going to the original Harris' store in San Bernardino to get at least one of them. I recall record bins and some listening booths along the wall. Were there any other retail listening booths in San Bernardino?

John from Fontana (back then)

Anonymous said...

Yea, Lier's Music by
5th and E in Berdoo had
listening booths.