Tuesday, June 17, 2008

K/mentertainer June 15, 1968

K/men Class of '68 and some Happenings of the year

#1 This Guy's In Love With You
Jumping Jack Flash-Rolling Stones jumping to #7

Hit Bound The Ventures trying again with Walk Don't Run '68:Medley This one just didn't quite make it. Don't know qhat other songs are part of the medley.


Anonymous said...

I see one of my favorites 40
years ago is trying to
get up there.

HANGIN' ON by Joe Simon

KFXM tried it in early June
but didn't make it. KMEN
is trying it.

Never got far at either station.
Still love this song.

Anonymous said...

Doug, you are correct. K/MEN didn't play "Yummy Yummy", it was a totally tasteless teenie bopper song. I remember getting requests for it by 10 year old kids, it had no adult appeal whatsoever.
Johnny Helm

Harley Davidson said...

Since those 10 year olds are 50 now, KMEN129.COM plays the Ohio Express.