Sunday, June 29, 2008

K/mentertainer June 29, 1962

Moving up to #1 Roses Are Red-BobbyVinton
Highest debut # 7 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Neil Sedaka and new at #9 409/Surfin' Safari-Beach Boys Honorable K/mention
Interesting title Kilimanujaro-Del Vikings
Glen Campbell has a song Too Late To Worry --Too Blue To Cry

Next Week: I do not have the July 6, 1962 K/mentertainer, so I won't be posting anything for 1962. But 1962 will be back in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Anybody know what happened
to Bill Earl's blogsite When
Radio Was Boss? I enjoy that
website as well as this one
very much.

No longer on the web.
Evicted, shutout, out in
the etherspace. ANyway
you call it, it's gone.

Bill Earl said...

I turned over all my "virtual files" to two gents who will be displaying many of the images from my former site at:

It was closed when I was getting flack from other "archivists" who believed that some of THEIR material ended up on the site that I edited, and was responsible for a team of ten others.

In order to "keep the peace," I felt that the site had run its course.

But much of what you knew and loved is NOW displayed in "museum style" on the new site.

I'm flattered that even artwork I personally created when I was 12 years old is going to be displayed in full over there.

Thank you for your kind comments.