Wednesday, June 25, 2008

KFXM and K/men June 26, 1970

The pictures are the same, but there's a new line up. Charlie Walters, Jonny Bruce, Don McCoy, and Gary Evans are gone.
Listed below is a welcome to Chuck Clifford, Cliff Roberts, Don Mann and Bob Brooks #1 Spill The Wine-Eric Burdon & War

#1 K/MEN
Also #1 Spill the Wine
Three songs Hit Bound headed for the top ten. Ooh Child-Five Staristeps, Make It With You-Bread and Long, Long Time-Linda Ronstadt


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to outgoing
Jock Charlie Walters. What's
he doing.
I know Jonny Bruce is in Palm

ANybody know?

Anonymous said...

I know this may not be
the right place to post this
but what happened to the
WhenRadioWasBoss blogsite.

Message says it was removed.
No other explanation.


Anonymous said...

If WRWB Blog is over, could you
make a deal to Run the KFWB, XEAK
and KRUX surveys here?

Anonymous said...

Yeah what happened to Big Bad Bill? Everything okay? Strange end for the site.