Friday, June 13, 2008

June 7, 1963 & June 14, 1963

Giving you two weeks worth of 1963.
The number Ones seem to agree on both stations
June 7th Sukiyaki-Kyo Sakomoto
June 14th Surf City-Jan & Dean It's about time for more of that surf sound at #1 New
Come Go with Me-Dion
Without Love-Ray Charles
A couple of songs not usually associated with these singers

Lot of animals on June 7 KFXM #26 Birdland #32 Green Monkey #40 Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport over at K/men you also had Harry The Hairy Ape
June 14 Big surprise at #50 The Beatles making their second appearance in 1963 on KFXM!
K/men How about new at #10 Johnny Surfboard-Barry Mann?
Little Stevie Wonder debuting with Fingertips --Part 2 or would you rather hear Hilly Billy Ding dong Choo Choo by Soupy Sales
Look!! K/men is also playing From Me To You-The Beatles

K/men is also having their Treasure Hunt with a 2,000.00 prize, but go back to KFXM, they are having a Crazy Place contest

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