Monday, June 30, 2008

When Radio Was Boss -When A Blogsite Was Boss

I've had a few inquiries on Bill Earl's Blogsite "When Radio Was Boss", such as Where did it go???

I've received a couple emails from Bill with an explanation and the future of all things Boss, as detailed below.

dear doug,

here is the e-mail i send out to anyone who inquiries as to where the radio site went feel free to run it!



(Please forgive this "form" e-mail to you, but the heavy amount of e-mails delivered to us on this subject could only reasonably be answered by this kind of
response. Thank you for your understanding.)

We TRULY thank you for your e-mail inquiring on the status of the radio blogsite.

The radio blogsite that I was founder and editor of, and which included ten fellow contributors, was shut down and permanently DELETED as of Friday afternoon, June 27, 2008, upon the advise of informal legal counsel.

The issue brought to our attention was "ownership of images" and uses of same.

As our site was a labor of love (we made no $ on it whatsoever) our counsel and I (as founder and editor) concluded that we did not want to further cross any lines into any areas that would cause anyone any distress, dismay, or negative concerns..

We DO thank YOU for your support of our site.

It had a GOOD "run", almost 2 1/2 years....January 2006 to almost July 2008

Thank you again for your e-mail.
BiLL Earl
Former editor of now-defunct radio-oriented blogsite.

Due to many e-mailing wishing I hadn't deleted my old radio blogsite, I have decided to turn over my entire on-line archives, and "virtual" access to my radio scrapbook archives here at home, over to a friend of mine who (w/ his buddy) will edit a new classic DJ & radio station blogsite using MUCH of the IMAGES that I had used on my old (now-defunct) site.

I personally will NOT be "editing" the site as before, but WILL be "chiming in" with advice to the "new guys" when appropriate, but as infrequent as possible....i'm burned out, but am happy folks liked what i displayed (most of the time..LOL)

I have INSISTED that any "artistic re-creations" or "commemorative issues" be labled as such, as to NOT upset any purists out there who had objected to my former team of 10 contributors who, with me, occasionally created much of those images.

So, I would appreciate that you would PLUG:

on YOUR sites, and tell your friends, too.

Again, this is NOT another "Bill Earl" just will be using MUCH of MY material, plus I'm sure, the "new guys" may come up with their own, too, when they see fit.

This is a good compromise for me....that is, much of MY archives being displayed again WITHOUT putting myself in the past line of fire, as I do NOT expect to be directly involved as before.

I have been just told that the official title of the NEW blogsite is


Many fans missed a lot of my past displays...I can't bring THOSE back, but I HAVE turned over my entire jpg "picture file" to the "new guys", so let's all kick back and see just how decent a job i certainly expect them to do.

I understand they will displaying stuff a little at a time, so the site is worth watching grow!

Thanks for your past support!

BiLL Earl

(I personally can still be reached at

That is the information I received, so head over to the new site.

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