Monday, June 16, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag June 14, 1968

Don McCoy practicing his magic act on Chatlie Walters Spanky & Our Gang picture and article
From Flashback down in the bottom right hand corner-- The Beatles Sgt Peppers is a year old.
Picture of The Association.
This Guy's In Love With You still #1 and lyrics printed above. Notice #2 is Yummy Yummy Yummy-Ohio Express. I beleive Johnny Helm mentioned tha K/men never played this song. Go back and look at the K/men charts. It's nowhere to be found.
Highest debut Hurdy Gurdy Man-Donovan #16
Future Hit
This I don't remember The Strawbs-Or Am I Dreaming

Personal Picks
First time around for Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong. Back In Love Again-Buckinghams, sounding a lot like their other hits, but this one didn't it make too far up the charts. Another try for The Love Affair-Rainbow Valley, I have never heard this one either.

#1 album listed Heavy-Iron Butterfly

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