Saturday, December 13, 2008

KFWB 1961-1962

One of the surveys posted....
I've had people with inquiries about other surveys from LA stations. Well you can go to for KFWB surveys starting from December 1961 through March/April of 1962.

dear doug

you might want to let your KFXM viewers know that FOR COMPARISON PURPOSES the kids will be displaying the FINAL "run" of KFWB fab forty folders starting NOW until the last folder sometime in march or April 1962, with one displayed per week

might be interesting to compare KFXM with KFWB during that time

I've also noticed there are KRUX surveys posted from Arizona there also.


Anonymous said...

the covers yes, but not the song listings, which Bill Earl used to furnish, which are of great interest to me...more than just DJs.

Bill Earl said...

dear anonymous

i have convinced the new editors to run ALL SIDES of survey folders to INCLUDE song listings.

You'll see KRUX from 1965 and KFWB from 12/61 to the final folder in spring 1962

i understand that they also will be displaying KCBQ (San Diego) surveys, too.

again, over the past two weeks you WILL SEE song listings...they promised me they'd do it.

Bill Earl
Consulting Advisor